Major French cycling routes

The Mediterranean by bike

From Menton to Perthus, this signposted cycle route is an 850km adventure, the French link in the EuroVélo8. It winds its way through the varied landscapes of southern France, exploring the countryside, hugging the gentle slopes of the hills and rubbing shoulders with the sea spray of the coast. Between Spain and Italy, the "Mediterranean by Bike" route offers unexpected and remarkable panoramas, must-see points of interest, visits to nature reserves such as the Camargue and the wine-growing areas of Provence. Villeneuve-Loubet, located on the route, is a great place to stop for globetrotters on the Côte d'Azur.

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The EuroVélo8 passes through Villeneuve-Loubet

EuroVelo8, also known as the "Mediterranean Cycle Route", is a EuroVelo route that is part of a Europe-wide cycle route development programme. It is 7,500 km long and runs from southern Spain to Cyprus and on to Izmir in Turkey. It follows the Mediterranean coastline, crossing 10 countries and 23 UNESCO sites. The French section, also known as "La Méditerranée à Vélo", passes through Villeneuve-Loubet.

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